Cardano stake pool

Cardano is known as one of the cryptocurrencies 3.0 (third generation), operates on a protocol called Proof of Stake, that is, the operators are selected at random to solve a block (set of transactions). This selection is made based on the percentage of stake that a given operator has in its pool (mining infrastructure) and, therefore, whoever has more staking is more likely to be selected to resolve a given transaction.

A pool's stake is the total Cardano value that pool has, achieved through the concept of delegation. Delegation is a process where anyone with Cardano can delegate to a particular pool. Whenever the referred pool forms a block, the rewards will be distributed to all the people who are delegating, a distribution that will be proportional to the delegation made, in relation to the total pool. Conversely, the rewards related to Bitcoin, which are intended only for the operator.

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Pool Ticker: HYPE
Pool ID: 29df06255834d24d6a149224cf114a371bea08b64e7537e224a561a5

Staking & Delegating

Staking & Delegating

We can think of staking as a less resource-intensive alternative to conventional mining. When you delegate to a stake pool, you are contributing to security and good functioning of the blockchain network. It is also increasing the chances that this pool will be chosen for create a block and, consequently, increase the rewards that will be distributed by the delegators of that pool. Proportionally, investors have a financial return.

Fees & Commitment

Fees & Commitment

To guarantee the operations and efficiency of our stake pool, it is necessary that our servers always online, monitored 24 hours a day. To maintain all of these operations, a fee is charged 3% tax on the total to be distributed in rewards. It means that the remaining 97% will be divided by all delegates, in proportion to the total contribution of each. (Currently, our margin is set to 0% as a promotion time)



When delegating coins to a staking pool, these coins remain in the personal wallet, so they will always remain in the possession of the holder, and can be moved whenever there is this intention - there is no loyalty time or minimum amount to delegate.

What we offer

We are a small team with several years of experience in information technology and our mission is to offer the best staking service possible.

Immediate Payments

Rewards are automatically distributed by the protocol to the delegators, meaning that you will receive immediately after the end of each epoch (5 days).

Risk Free

Coins are under your control at all times. We are committed to ensuring 100% efficiency and performance.


We guarantee 100% efficiency in a strong infrastructure operating on powerful servers for offer a quality staking service.

Pool Security

Our servers are properly protected and are monitored daily for 24 hours to ensure the best security possible.


No registration, email or message is required. We do not keep any data related to the information staff. Privacy is important to us.


We have a Telegram channel. Join us, we are available to provide all the necessary support.