Frequently Asked And Questions

How can I buy Cardano?

Cardano can be purchased on several exchanges:, Binance, Kraken, etc.

Example, using the exchange:

  1. Download the application Google Play Store or Apple Store;
  2. After installing the application, it is necessary to do the registration and identity verification process;
  3. When the registration process is complete, look for Cardano and make a purchase using a credit card personal or load the account via bank transfer;
Now it's possible to buy Cardano directly from the Yoroi wallet without having to use an exchange.

How can I staking / delegating Cardano?

To delegate Cardano it is necessary to create your own wallet in one of the official applications Yoroi (mobile, desktop) or Daedalus (desktop).

Example in the Yoroi application on the phone:

  1. Download the application Google Play Store or Apple Store;
  2. Add portfolio (SHELLEY-ERA), then click on Create wallet and follow the steps. Heads up: save the 15 words safely so that in the future you can restore your wallet in another mobile phone or computer. Without the aforementioned security words, access to the wallet is lost and, consequently, coins are lost;
  3. Now, the Cardano wallet is created, the purchased coins can be transferred to this wallet. At the Receive tab copy one of the New Addresses ;
  4. On Exchange, transfer to an external wallet and use the address copied from the Yoroi application (the transfer takes only a few seconds);
  5. Transfer the coins to Yoroi and access the Delegate tab, looking for the Hype pool Staking and click on the delegate button;
  6. Finally, the wallet is delegating, and your coins can be moved any time. Whenever they are added Cardano to the wallet they are automatically delegated;
How to delegate

When do I receive my first rewards?

At the beginning of the delegation, there is a period of about 15 to 20 days (approximately 4 epoch) so that the delegated total goes into account. The following schedule shows the development of this process over time.

Distribution of rewards