HYPE Staking

Cardano staking pool with 99% of the rewards to the delegators.
Delegating to our poll you get a return of investment directly into your wallet.

Pool Ticker [HYPE]
Pool ID: 29df06255834d24d6a149224cf114a371bea08b64e7537e224a561a5

Staking & Delegating

Staking is the process where a validator is selected to create a new block in the chain to maintain the network. Every time you delegate to a stake pool, you increase the pool chances to be chosen to create blocks. Consequently, you're also increasing its number of rewards — meaning: higher rewards to the delegators.
Delegating is like earning interest on your balance, in your bank account, but with cryptocurrency. You will earn a return on your investment.

Fees & Commitment

To ensure the smooth and efficient operations of our staking pool, the servers need to be online and monitored 24/7. To maintain all that operations our pool charges fee of 1% over the rewards distribution means 99% of the remaining will be split amongst all delegators proportional to their stake volume.


Delegating your coins to a staking pool is fully secure, your coins never leave your wallet. You are always in the possession of your coins and you can undelegated when you wish, there is no contract time.
You'll receive the rewards automatically in your wallet after each epoch (5 days).

What we offer

We are a small team with several years of experience in Information Technologies. Our mission is to offer you the best service possible.

Immediate Payments

Rewards are automatically distributed to delegators by the protocol, mean that you receive immediately after the end of each epoch (5 days).

Risk Free

Your coins stay under your control all the time. We are insured and committed to give you 100% efficiency.

100% Efficiency

You are guaranteed 100% efficiency, We have a high availability infrastructure run on powerful servers in Germany.

Pool Security

Our servers are firewalled and monitored to ensure everything runs performatically 24h/7.


No sign-up, e-mails or texts. We do not collect any of your personal information. Your privacy is important to us.


We have a Telegram channel. Get in touch with us, we are there to give the best support.